Mark Sabin, American (1936 - )

Mark Sabin
Mark Sabin was born in New York City in 1936 but raised in Florida. After graduation from Columbia University Law School in 1961, serving in the U.S. Navy, and writing several screenplays and novels, he worked in the entertainment industry. Eventually he began to create art.

According to biographical sources, his first paintings were composed of acrylic on canvas. He has been described as a fantasy painter, blending elements in a juxtaposition that surprises the audience. The lithograph in the Fine Arts Collection, The Recital, demonstrates this quality. It depicts a man playing a grand piano outdoors while a woman sings, standing in front of the piano. In the background, a tiger is seen strolling through the trees. Sabin is quoted describing his work as "unconscious dictation."

Sabin’s paintings are in various collections including the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City. His lithographs have been distributed by TransworldArt, Inc., founded by Alex Rosenberg in 1968. Hi works have appeared on magazine covers, record jackets, and brochures such as Bloomingdale’s 1978 Christmas brochure.

Sabin’s lithograph, The Recital, was probably purchased from TransworldArt in the mid-1970’s by Luther College. Although it is undated, it was likely created during that same decade.

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