Sukanya Saimai, Thai

Sukanya Saimai

Artist's Statement:

My name is Sukanya Saimai. I was born and raised in the Northeast part of Thailand into a family with strong buddhist beliefs. This allowed my siblings and I to grow up in a very peaceful and serene environment.

We were brought up encouraged to make merit (giving or offering service to help others) at the local temple and listen to Dhamma (the teaching of Buddha). Many in my family have formally practiced Buddhism including my two brothers and my father who was a monk for a long period of time. My grandmother has been a buddhist nun for as long as i can remember and she will likely remain so for the rest of her life. In Thailand, it is common for young men to practice monk-hood for a short period of time for various reasons: Out of respect for their parents, to receive developmental education from the temple and to learn more about themselves before deciding on which path in life to take.

On occasion when i return to my small agriculture home town, I still make a point of visiting the same temple that my family attended to make merit and revisit the teaching of Dhamma.

While Thailand will always be my “home”, I have had the incredible opportunity to travel all over the world and living in several different country such as Chicago, Hong Kong, Thailand and New York where I currently live. These eastern and western experiences have all combined to influence my art.

However, when one lives so far away from home in a different city, country and culture, some stress and confusion can result producing a feeling of being lost between worlds. When I find myself in this situation, I use my Buddhist roots in yoga, meditation and painting to rebalance myself. I have realized how fortunate I am to be born and raised into a such a beautiful, wonderful religion like Buddhism which has helped me to find a path of inner peace and happiness.

My inspiration to paint Buddhist related art stems is from life experience and my desire to share peace, hope, happiness and love, all of which Buddhism has brought into my life since the day I was born.

The medium of current collection of Buddha images is oil and acrylics on canvas. I enjoy using a palette knife for creating texture and visually enhancing the depth of the images. Each represents a universal virtue that will complement any interior or enhance any ambience with its spirituality and natural beauty.

The goal with my work is to further foster the Buddhist way of life by transcending my values on to canvas for you to enjoy.

Many of my art pieces are used in buddhist house blessing, public settings, such as lounges and spas and private settings such as prayer room, living rooms, bedrooms and patios. With variety of textures, colors and size, there is always a piece to match the atmosphere to brighten up the walls in elegance and serenity.

For yoga, relaxation and meditation or any place used to unwind and relax, reflex or meditate alone with families or friends. Feel free to browse the collection, read about the making of giclees. If you enjoy my work you could subscribe, Like or follow me either on Facebook or blogs for questions or comments in creating and enjoying my art work.

I truly believe Buddhism is a religion that can unite people from all over the world.

May the goodness of Dhamma help to alleviate the suffering of all beings and enable them to find ever lasting peace and happiness....

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