Willy Seiler, German (1903 - 1988)

WILLY SEILER, renowed German artist, was born in Dresden in 1903. His initial schooling in art recived in Dresden and Munich, was followed by a two-year period of study in Paris.
After touring Europe extensively, Seiler left Germany in 1928, and has not seen his homeland since-due principally to the disruption of plans by the war and subsequent unsettled conditions on the Continent. To date Seiler has visited 44 countries, some of them several times.

He has exhibited in Rome and Paris, in Jerusalem and Teheran, in San Francisco and Mexico City, to mention only a few points in his globe circling travels. His work has been recived enthusiastically everywhere and acclaimed in the highest circles by maharajahs in India and by princes and leading officials in many other countries.
Seiler's second sojourn in Japan turned out to be a permanent one-he has been there over twnty years. After the end of World War II the highly versatile artist instructed American Army College with outstanding success.

Sailer's etchings have won him a wide reputation. As the creator of numerous etchings of picturesque Japanese and Korean subjects he has captured thequaintnes of the East in the distinctive copperplate medium of the West with superb draftsmanship, to produce an art of rare beauty. Since Seiler's first postwar etchings were sent abroad in 1949, they have met with grat popular acclaim. These crations have been well received by the American public and are lending grace, bauty and distinction to many art galleries and private homes.

In Japan, Seiler's etching have become well known to art connoisseurs of many nationalities. Members of the Allied Forces have been captived by the warmthand realism of his crations.

Seiler's etching of General Mac Arthur, made from life in 1951, was praised as an outstanding work by yhe General and Pacific Stars and Stripes. Many prominent persons features have been captured by the outstanding artistry of Willy Seiler. His latest portrait is an etching of President Syngman Rhee, made in 1957 when Seiler visited Korea on a special assignment for Pacific Stars and Stripes. His sketching trip to Okinawa followed.

Next to his etchings, he is best known for his "Willy Seiler Dolls". These are cute, authentically costumed little figures representing everyday characters oj Japan, Korea and Okinawa.


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