Ernesto Tatafiore, Italian (1943 - )

Ernesto Tatafiore

Ernesto Tatafiore was born in Naples in 1943 where he lives and works.

In 1969 he presented his first solo exhibition in the gallery of Lucio Amelio, on that occasion, Achille Bonito Oliva called his work "neo-Enlightenment " because it tended to indicate an ethical connection between art and history.

His works are often inhabited by heroes (Robespierre , Mozart, Maradona, Danton, Masaniello, Virtue, Liberty) or tell of great historical events or permanent affairs of humanity, the artist , however, free from logical and consequential story of the historical novel to put them in a manner reminiscent of the representative associations of the dream or the continuous flow of life and not organisable. The unit lost on the narrative level is recovered at the structural level .
The paintings of Tatafore have, in fact, always exhibited a very lightweight and fast tract [ often incorporating a series of phrases, writing, absurdities and paradoxes , puns almost Duchamp ] in an attempt to build a representation that result simultaneously, without mediation, the perceived reality.

Tatafiore, at the same time cultivating a passion for psychiatric research and painting, with the latter intended to give substance to the "vision distracted " as, for example, the spontaneous drawings that you make when you call ] that you can load a subversive force capable of canceling schemes , values, hierarchies and boundaries.

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