Ronald Van Ruyckevelt, British (1928 - )

Ronald Van Ruyckevelt

Ronald van Ruyckevelt was born in 1928. He began his career at Wimbledon School of Art where he was awarded the National Diploma in painting. He then went on to study ceramics at The Royal College of Art, culminating in an Associateship. After one year of industrial practice, he was awarded the full Royal College Diploma Des.

R.C.A. Ronald joined the staff of Royal Worcester in August 1953 and the following year won the British Pottery Manufacturers Federation Traveling Scholarship. He became closely involved with the production of Dorothy Doughty's series of American Birds, before setting off to America himself to study Tropical fish. Seven large fish were made as Limited Editions and six smaller unlimited models were produced. This was followed by a series of six small American birds, which was Ronald's last unlimited series for Royal Worcester. During the 1960's, Ronald designed some of the most technically adventurous models Worcester has ever produced - a Limited Edition series of Big Game Fish, a series of large Game Birds and a number of hand-made Tropical flowers.

After his wife, Ruth, left the employ of Royal Worcester in 1968, Ronald completed the series of Victorian Ladies, which she had begun in 1958. In 1972, Ronald van Ruyckevelt modeled the beautiful Wedding Doves to celebrate the Silver Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. His final work for Royal Worcester in the 1970's was the series of six 'Queens Regnant'. Works modeler, Ken Potts, completed this series. Ronald van Ruyckevelt left Royal Worcester in 1974 to work from Malvern.

He later moved to America where he now runs his own ceramic company. During his career with Royal Worcester, Ronald produced over 65 models. Unfortunately, some were never put into full production, but

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