Stjepan Vecenaj, Croatian (1928 - 2000)

Sttjepan Vecenaj was born on 24 December 1928, the year in Naked, where he died in 2000
Picture since 1954. vol. and the first instruction given his brother John. For the first time individual exhibitions in Goli, 1957. Vecenaj began exhibiting in the country of Croatia in 1962 and had shows abroad from 1963 - 1970.

He was about a hundred solo and group performances at home and abroad.

Stephen Večenaj is one of the few artists whose work we find the major oscillations of the earliest, a rare surviving works today, not in terms of morphological or ikonološke basis. Stephen Večenaj quiet existence in the often turbulent flows Zambian naive created is certainly distinct and recognizable artistic world and the term without major oscillations and qualitative leaps and falls, as this author sigurava stable and secure position among the authors Hlebine school.

The climb Večenaj almost utterly refined palette, to the extent of harmonic tuning, are not anthological perhaps, but certainly an important and interesting, and above all an outstanding quality within Podravina naive painting. Stephen Večenaj calmly recorded the everyday life - and the washing machine becomes a colorful motif, thought-especially the warm colors and the harmony of the characters and landscapes.

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