Terry Walsh, American

Terry Walsh

Artist's Statement:

I fell into photography purely by accident! Frustrated by a lack of direction, my father and sister, who lived in Syracuse at the time, suggested I go out there and take some art classes.As I mentioned photography was an afterthought, a throw-in. I was hooked, went onto a few more photographic programs, worked in the Albany, N.Y. area for twenty years, where I worked my way up the ladder in the multi-image, special effects visual arts business, mostly producing multi projector presentations. All the while I was photographing mostly in upstate New York and the Adirondacks. Although somewhat not tremendously outgoing, I developed a strong passion for taking pictures of people, in their surroundings, whether it be in landscapes, in work environments, home, etc. Coincidently I became very much the outdoor landscape enthusiast. Someone once said my ability or tendency to juxtapose people, places, and things was my knack.

As my work suggests I have been greatly influenced by the likes of Walker Evans, Dorothy Lange, Diane Arbus, and Paul Strand to name a few. The Farm Securities Administration photographs obviously weighed heavily on what I perceived in life and out in the world. Jokingly I would say that I would never take of picture of something that was not falling down, out of date, or in the case of a person, less than eighty years old!!!

Having spent the last few years on Nantucket, land of grand weddings and family portraits, I have found a niche in photographing architectural renovations and restorations. So many 19th century and before houses are being scooped up and modernized. Fun to do but not fulfilling.

For my next act, and quite possibly my last, long overlooked and delayed, hopefully will be to get down and dirty in a big city environment, just me a camera and whatever pops up in front of me.

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