Max Yawney, American

Max Yawney

Max Yawney ,a native of Burlington, Vermont, Received a BFA in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY 1986, lived 5 years in New Mexico and then received an MFA in Painting from The long Island University ,CW Post campus in 1998, He studio is in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Max’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States ,in England and Italy. His work is included in several collections internationally including two large sculptures at the Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn Harbor, NY.

Max’s project commenced in 1996 and continues today. The project involves the pairing of two disparate images so as to establish a situation founded in the phenomenal distinctions provided by each image. These distinctions in contrast elicit a specific visual dynamic which becomes what is traditionally understood as subject matter. This working manner is quite similar to a musician composing a song , as the composer carefully places one note against another to deliver a specific sound formed by their context, the formal and phenomenal qualities of each note against the other.

The imagery in max’s project is derived from plant structures and human anatomy combined with the abstractions found in dense urban environments (the rib cage and the highway exchange -the millions of windows and the veins of a plant leaves, the speed and the slow). The project utilizes the cerebral act of mere acknowledgment to establish a poetic notion , tapping the potentiality inherent in everything, the neutral experience of considering one element to another to provide an open condition, one that does not close out such as a narrative condition would.

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