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Aubrey Schwartz, Nude Man Lithograph - RoGallery

Nude Man

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Aubrey Schwartz

Aubrey Schwartz

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American (1928–2019)

  • Date: circa 1965
  • Lithograph, signed and numbered in pencil
  • Edition of 19/20
  • Size: 27 x 13 in. (68.58 x 33.02 cm)

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Framing includes: High Quality Wood Mouldings, Acid-free Materials (hinge tape, matting, and backing), plexiglass, and hanging hardware. 


About The Artist: Aubrey Schwartz

Though really an "independent" and not beholden to any style, school, or movement, Schwartz's vision contributes to what we might call an American version of European Expressionism. (Expressionism used in the broadest sense to include such artists as Kollwitz, Barlach, Rouault.) The intensity, the expressiveness, of his art suggests such an affinity. America seldom borrows directly from European culture; the best of American art, as with its...

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About The Medium: Lithograph

A print created using flat stones or metal plates. The artist creates a lithograph by drawing an image directly onto the printing element using materials like lithograph crayons or special grease pencils. After this, the drawing is transferred from the plate to the paper in multiples. A lithograph will not have dots when examined with a magnifying glass.

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Aubrey Schwartz, Nude Man Lithograph - RoGallery

Nude Man

Aubrey Schwartz

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