Lee Jaffe, American (1950 - )

Lee Jaffe first came to international prominence in the 1980s with his large scale, multi-media historical assemblage works.

His chosen themes are controversial and visionary, an
exploration of the world's urgently changing internal
circumstances. His genius lies in his quest to overcome the dogma of any single classification, treating topics in all fields including the exploitation of the black performer in
America, the cruelty of the fur industry, the relationship of
the Native American to his environment, the ambiguity of
America's traitors. Lee Jaffe combs communal history for
universal deficiencies, searching not to reconcile, but to
bring light from a different direction.

Lee Jaffe's works are especially memorable for their unique
use of materials, often combining poetry, sculpture, sound,
and found objects with media and technology. Many of his
pieces are interactive, crossing the line that divides a
performer from his audience.

These critically acclaimed artworks quickly became the subject for a number of major museum exhibitions; including solo shows at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden; The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; and the Ikon Gallery,
Birmingham, England. His works are collected by many important museums and private collectors.

Prior to this period of art production Lee Jaffe played a unique role in the history and early international recognition of Reggae music and culture. Lee Jaffe lived with Bob Marley in Jamaica for three years and was a member of The Wailers
playing harmonica. He later produced Peter Tosh's "Legalize It" album and shot the iconographic album cover.

Jaffe has produced other recordings for Joe Higgs (considered the father of reggae), the Wailing Souls(Grammy nominated), and dancehall innovator Barrington Levy.

Most recently, Lee Jaffe's work has focused on his experiences with Reggae culture, producing a major monograph on Bob Marley and Jamaica, and a deluxe photo edition documenting these same subjects

In addition to the resumption of his own studio art production,Lee Jaffe has recently produced a portfolio of his own photographs documenting the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat at work.

Solo Exhibitions

2005-06 - M B Fine Art, Los Angeles, California
1994 - Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, England
1994 - Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin Ireland
1993 - Institute of Contemporary Art
Amersterdam, Holland
1992 - Moderna Museet, Stockholm Sweden
1990-91 - Ace Gallery, Los Angeles, California
- Edward Thorden Gallery, Goteborg, Sweden
1990 - Marc Jancou Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
1989 - Kaj Forsblom Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
- Galerie Grafiart, Turku, Finland
- Georges Lavrov Galerie, Paris France
1988 - L.A. Louver Gallery, Los Angeles, California
- L.A. Louver Gallery, Los Angeles,
- Edward Thorden Gallery, Gotenborg, Sweden
1986 - Anders Tornberg Gallery, Lund, Sweden
1986 - Burnett Miller Gallery, Los Angeles, California
- Nicola Jacobs Gallery, London, England


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