John Suchy

American (1946)

About the artist:

I was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York in 1946. In 1952 my family moved out to Westbury, Long Island where I spent the remainder of my childhood. My parents Mary & Lenny worked very hard so my sisters and I could enjoy our childhood. I was introduced to art at an early age by my Uncle John Graham, a self taught Artist. After High School I attended the School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan and studied there for three years, with many talented teachers, including, Burne Hogarth, Eugine Carlin & Marshall Arisman. After Graduating from Visual Art I worked for the next 15 years in New York City, for large and small advertising agencies & magazines, learning and applying advertising, promotional and illustration skills.

During these years I attended night classes at the School of Visual Arts , the Pan American Art School and the Art Students League in N.Y.C. For three years at night, I studied with John Gundelfinger at the School of Visual Arts who taught through many different lessons, not a style of drawing but a way of looking at objects no matter how complicated and breaking them down to their simplest form. While attending the Art Students League I studied figure drawing with the great Gustav Rehberger, who taught how to look and feel the motion of the figure in front of you. I also studied figure Drawing at the Art Students League with Michael Burbon & Anthony Palumbo.

In the seventies while living on the upper Westside of Manhattan I started drawing the elegant architectural landmarks as well as the Human landmarks of the neighborhood. I started displaying my Art on the sidewalks of Manhattan in 1974 at neighborhood shows around town or by selecting various street corners in Manhattan and just opening up my display and watching out for the police. Now artist can display their art all around town but in those days you had to build your displays to be able to fold up in hurry. On the streets I met all kinds of people, and received many criticism and suggestions both good and bad about my art. If an artist's wants to get a response from their art , the street's are the best place for that, if you can take criticism. My severest critic was a dog, who used my display for a fire hydrant. Many people would stop and talk about art, themselves, and the many problems they faced living in the city. By displaying on the streets, I received various commissions including portraits of people, brownstones, homes, boats, animals, landscapes, city scenes, & restaurants scenes (interiors & exteriors) . I also learned about many scenes of Manhattan that New Yorkers and Tourist from all around the world found special.

Since 1982, I haves been working in the Three Dimensional medium. My hero has always been Red Grooms. I saw his Fabulous show at the Whitney Museum & was floored. In 1977 I use to display my art on 5th Avenue, near the Metropolitan Museum of Art & sometimes with the famous artist, James Rizzi. I always enjoyed his colorful etchings, so when I saw his 3-D art in a New York City Art gallery & I fell in love with this Hand-Cut medium. It's still is a popular medium and I feel it gives a lot of pop to my work and adds more fun to the images.

Drawing is the backbone of everything I do. My love of detail and New York City, is obvious to people who enjoy my subject matter and my sense of humor. Besides New York City I have completed editions of Washington. DC & Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2006 I was very lucky to meet my now good friend & European representative, Klaus Dieter Brand. Since then we have have had many Art show adventures in Germany & Poland. We have worked on completing 3-D editions of Koln, Marburg, Berlin & Rosenheim, Germany. He has made many of my Art Dreams come true & I can never thank him enough.

" Displaying my art on the streets of NYC is still my hobby. I love to drive into Manhattan every now & then and just pick a spot and set up my display. By the end of the day I have met many interesting people, heard some very interesting stories, made some new contacts, had many laughs & made some sales. People that stop sometimes really open up their feelings about many things. You can't beat that ! Some people look down on an artist that does this, but to each their own."

I am always working on new images of New York City because " There are millions of Drawings & Paintings to be done of this city & I hope to live to be 200 years old, However, I will be happy to reach 150. ''

Four years ago I moved to Saint Augustine, Florida & and I have been creating scenes of this beautiful city & the surrounding areas, using various mediums . It has been a great adventure for my wife Mirian and I we have met so many interesting people.

I recently finished seven large acrylic paintings on canvas that I call TROPICAL VIBES ( Hibiscus series ). To view them Just jump into my Florida Taxi and the driver will take there.

John Suchy

American (1946)

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About the artist:

I was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York in 1946. In 1952 my family moved out to Westbury, Long Island where I spent the remainder of my childhood. My parents Mary & Lenny worked very hard so my sisters and I could enjoy our childhood. I

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